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of the newspaper was controlled by the student council. i had been elected to the student council and the paper was becoming unreadable. it was run by marxists, maoists. it looked like it came out of the soviet union. we engineered a coup to fire the editor. then we realized we had to find an editor. they looked around and decided it would be me. wait, i have never worked on a paper. oh, details. >> a poly-sci and economics major he liked write about all things political. he applied to medical school to please the family and was accepted to harvard. but he got into oxford as well to study political theory. would krauthammer choose a life science or a life of letters. the brilliant graduate had enviable options but hadn't figured out what mattered to him so he put off harvard, enrolled at oxford. while studying history's great political philosophers, he met a fellow student from australia -- robin trethaway, attractive and brilliant, too. a clerk to the chief justice of her home state's supreme court. but so much would change in the three years between when they met and married. beginning with h
an election. >> we had the president to his credit almost seven weeks out saying are we ready? to be told by the pros, yeah, this looks like it's all ready to go and neither he or i are technology geeks. >> the president to his credit asked about it seven weeks before? he's been promising it for three years. did you need someone to play the buffoon? mr. president, five years ago when you were elected they couldn't tear your blackberry away from you and now the vice president is telling us and they want me to believe that you don't understand websites? and what makes me crazy is that every tom, dick and harry has a website. i can go on amazon right now to buy a mop, my book "clever fox" or even a pair of red high heels to click you should a table and not to digress but the prosecutor in me wants to know why a contractor, the most important program, the crown jewel in your administration, is awarded to one of the first lady's dear friends, essentially a no-bid contract. for a defective product. so simple sebelius stays on. what makes you think she can get it right now? especially when she's
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2